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Program4Pc Refund Policy

At Program4Pc customer feedback is very important to us and we do our best to give our customers the best service. Every received message about an error, any question or just a suggestion, will be answered fast and competent within 1 business day.

All our products are provided as shareware, which means they can be tried completely risk-free before purchased, we recommend our customers to download and try the product before purchase to confirm whether it is the one they need. This also helps customers avoid purchasing the wrong product. As an informed order reminder, a watermark will appear on the output video/audio, which will remind the customer to buy the right product. 

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Program4Pc provides absolutely 30-day money back guarantee. Refunds will be only approved under the acknowledged situations. If a purchase exceeds this money-back-guarantee period of time, not any refund is going to be approved.

The money back will be performed the same way the purchase was done. For instance, if you paid using a credit card, the money will be returned to the credit card bank account used.


Program4Pc provides a full refund of your payment in the following cases

If the software you've purchased has serious technical problems within the first 30 days, and if we are not able to correct the error within an acceptable period of time or are unable to suggest a temporary solution. 

NOTE: In this case, the refund is only given if you provide detailed information about your error (requested by our support team) such as screenshots of error messages, log files, detailed descriptions of your actions, file samples, etc. 

If you experience hardware incompatibility issues (our software does not support your hardware, e.g. capture/graphics card or DVD Drive) that prevents you from using our software properly and we are unable to eliminate the incompatibility within an acceptable period of time or suggest a temporary solution. 

If you ordered a "wrong product", followed by ordering the correct product from Program4Pc. In such cases, we'll refund the money you paid for the wrong product.

If you have bought the same product for 2 times or bought 2 products with similar features. In such cases, we'll refund one of the two products or exchange one product for another of Program4Pc (whichever suits you best). 

We reserve the right to decline refund requests in the following cases

If you demand a refund immediately after buying the software.

If you inform us about changing your decision to buy the software, saying you have uninstalled it and are not going to use it without giving any particular reasons. 

If you claim any reason which prevents you from proper using of our software which is stated clearly on our official site. (e.g. if you request a refund due to the absence of features which we never claimed to provide and which are not listed in the feature list for our software). So you have the obligation to carefully read the product description before placing an order.

If you report any credit card fraud/other unauthorized payment. While Program4Pc uses third-party independent payment solution, the authorization process during payment is out of our control. As long as an order is processed and fulfilled, it cannot be changed. 

If you ordered a "wrong product", but not exchanged or purchased the right product from Program4Pc within the guarantee period. In all these situations, a refund will not be provided.

If you have not received the activation code within 4 hours after the order was processed successfully (ordering from affiliates or other websites may take longer). Generally, as long as an order has been validated, you'll receive a registration email within one hour. However, this registration email might be late because of delays caused by internet or system errors, e-mail junk controls, and so on. In such cases, customers can contact Program4Pc Support Team using Online Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Since Program4Pc cooperates with an independent payment system, any partial refund is unavailable. However, Program4Pc might refund the whole package after the customer has bought the right product separately within the guarantee period for the purchased bundle.


We (Program4Pc) may sell our products at a different price in different regions. A refund is unavailable due to the price difference. The price may also be different between Program4Pc and other companies.

If you request a refund due to technical problems we will do our best to solve your problems. No refund is available if you refuse to provide detailed information about the error (requested by our support team) such as screenshots of error messages, log files, detailed descriptions of your actions, file samples, etc.

If you request a refund due to technical issues caused by software updates, if the order is placed more than 30 days ago.

Affiliate website-related Refund

If you have any problem regarding the purchase process /product/registration information transacted from an affiliate website, we are unable to refund. Please contact the affiliate website regarding your concern.

NOTE: In any case of refund or chargeback your activation code will be immediately blocked and you will not be able to use our software anymore. Also, you should completely uninstall and remove the software from the computer you've installed the software on and destroy the disc (if you have ordered Backup CD/DVD).


Changes to This Policy

Please note that PROGRAM4PC may change this policy at any time and without prior notice, by posting the revised version of this Refund Policy to the PROGRAM4PC website.

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