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How to Use Sampler in Music Mixer

This tutorial explains how easily can use sampler with just couple of clicks.

Got lots of songs you'd like to mix for your Friday night party? With the right program such as Program4Pc DJ Music Mixer you'll be able to rock the party and make everybody WOW!

In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Sampler to perform the best possible music mixing. Sampler is a separate player with its own volume, pitch and even recorder which can be played in a separate audio channel. It can be used as one or several music players to play simultaneously along with main decks. Sampler can be used as a looped audio effect or a recorded portion of a music. So having samplers and using them in DJ mixer gives you plenty of flexibility and virtually make your music mixing limitless.

Step 1: Install Program4Pc Music Mixer

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Step 2: Open the Music You Wish to Mix

Open Music and Mix via Program4Pc DJ software

open music via program4pc dj music mixer Launch Program4Pc DJ Music Mixer. Click the Add Files button to add music and they will appear in the list of source files. Or just drag and drop your music files into the program.

If you need to mix music of Audio CD or Video, then click Audio CD Ripper and Video to Audio Converter buttons instead.
Step 3: Load Music in Decks

Load music files to DJ decks

load music files to program4pc dj music mixer The next step you need to do for mixing music is loading songs in decks. Simply double click on a song and it will be loaded in Deck A automatically, then double click on another song and it will be loaded in Deck B.

Also you may select a song and click the Load in Deck A button in the middle of screen to load it in deck A, you may do this step and click the Load in Deck B button instead to load the song in deck B respectively.
Step 4: Use Sampler in Music Mixer

Use Sampler in DJ Music Mixer

use DJ sampler in program4pc music mixer Click the Sampler tab to access 12 Sampler panels, each one has its own player and recorder, it can be looped separately, trimmed and also its Pitch can be synced with Deck's Pitch.

Click Play button on top of each Sampler to open a music and play it. Click on small arrow to open a drop-down menu and choose among available options.
- Repeat the sampler by clicking Loop Playback button which plays it continuously,
- Sync the sampler pitch with Deck's Pitch,
- Trim the sampler (you may trim and use only a portion of music as a sampler).

You can record a Sampler from either a specific deck, Master Output or even from the Microphone Input. Use the REC button available at the bottom of each sampler. Once a Sampler is recorded it will be automatically added in the Sampler and is ready to use, also it can be saved as a file via Save... option.

Note: The output channel can be defined in Preferences menu on top right corner of DJ Mixer interface.
That's it!

That was very easy and now you know how to use sampler in Program4Pc DJ Music Mixer and how to mix several different songs simultaneously – whether it's MP3, WAV, or audio CD.

Our music mixer is also a fast way to extract music from movies by converting the video files to MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, WMA, or other audio format.

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