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How to to Use DJ Music Mixer

This tutorial explains how easily can use DJ Music Mixer with just couple of clicks.

Got lots of music you'd like to mix for a party? With the right DJ software you'll be able to do it very quickly and easily. Try the DJ Music Mixer by Program4Pc to rock your party professionally.

In this tutorial, we'll show you in detail how to use our fast and simple DJ program. You don't need to be familiar with music formats or settings – just run the music mixer, choose your songs, select ready-made effects and equalizer presets, and mix music.

Step 1: Install Program4Pc DJ Music Mixer

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Step 2: Add the Music Files You Want to Mix

Add music files for mixing with DJ Music Mixer

Add and open music file via dj music mixer To add files for mixing, click the Add Files button. The files you add will appear in the list of input files.
Note that you can import multiple files simultaneously using drag-n-drop to the Program4Pc’s DJ Music Mixer.

If you would like to mix music of Audio CD or Video, then click Audio CD Ripper and Video to Audio Converter buttons instead.
Step 3: Load Your Songs in Decks

Load songs in DJ Music Mixer decks

load songs in decks of DJ music mixer The next step is to load song in decks which is the easiest task, simply double click on a song and it will be loaded in Deck A automatically, then double click on another song and it will be loaded in Deck B.

Besides that you may select a song and click the Load in Deck A button to load it in deck A, also you may do the same and click the Load in Deck B button instead to load the song in deck B.
Step 4: Use Deck Control

Play, pause and cue music files with DJ deck control

control dj decks to play, pause and set cue points Once a track is loaded to a deck, the music’s Info such as Artist, Title, Elapsed and Remain Time, Cover and BPM will be displayed in this area. The track will be analyzed and the song-position (progress) will be displayed.

Use the control buttons PLAY, PAUSE and CUE, to play, pause and stop the track or set a Cue point. Use the Pitch slider to adjust the tempo (BPM) of the track. The buttons will slowdown / speed up the track (Pitch Bend), Click on the Circle button to reset the tempo to its original value.
Step 5: Use Equalizer, Sampler, Apply Effects, and Record Mixes

Use equalizer, DJ sampler, apply effects on music and record mixes via Program4Pc DJ Music Mixer

apply effects on music, use sampler and equalizer, and record music mixes Use lower section of DJ Music Mixer to access Equalizer and Effects tabs for applying effects on music. Sampler tab provides plenty of rooms for playing or recording songs simultaneously. Finally record your real time mixing in Recorder tab.

Note: Please refer to each section individually to get detailed information on how to use DJ software.
That's it!

Now that you're finished, and that's all about using Program4Pc DJ Music Mixer. Using this intuitive DJ software, you can easily mix your favorite songs and also be enjoying them on your party. Plus, you can become your own DJ and play as you and your guests love!

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