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How to Load Song in Decks

This tutorial explains how easily can load song in DJ decks with just couple of clicks.

If you want to mix music for your party, you need a simple but powerful DJ software. Program4Pc DJ Music Mixer is a Windows software that enables you to mix your favorite songs professionally and become your DJ in your party.
Loading song in decks is the first step to start mixing music and you need to have your songs loaded in each deck separately and have them ready to play.

In this tutorial, we'll show you in detail how to use our fast and simple DJ program. You don't need to be familiar with music formats or settings – just run the music mixer, choose your songs, load them in decks and mix music.

Step 1: Install the Program4Pc DJ Music Mixer on Your PC

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Step 2: Add a Music File for Mixing

Add music files to dj music mixer

add music to program4pc dj music mixer Click Add Files and add the song or songs that you want to mix. With Program4Pc Music Mixer you can mix your whole media library professionally in just a couple of clicks.
To work with audio CD and video, you will need to hit the Audio CD Ripper and Video to Audio Converter buttons instead.
Step 3: Load Your Songs in Decks

Load songs and music in DJ decks

load songs in DJ decks and get ready for music mixing To load songs in decks you may choose one of these following methods:
1- Double click on a song and it will be loaded in Deck A automatically, then double click on another song and it will be loaded in Deck B.
2- Select a song and click the Load in Deck A button to load it in deck A, you may also do this step and click the Load in Deck B button instead to load the song in deck B.
That's it!

And that's all about loading song in decks for mixing music! Now, anytime you want to throw a party, just run DJ Music Mixer and follow these steps.

You should know that by using Program4Pc DJ Music Mixer you will become your own DJ who brings unimaginable fun to audiences by playing and mixing their favorite songs.

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