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How to Create Loop in Music

This tutorial explains how easily can create loop in music with just couple of clicks.

Creating loop in music is a very useful task, because sometimes during your mixes you need to repeat a portion of song, even more than once to create a fresh mood for audiences, it can be repeating a phrase or specific beat of song, and Program4Pc DJ Music Mixer is a perfect software to do that.

This Windows software is not just a perfect DJ software, but a powerful tool to manage your music files. Mix and DJ between almost any media files: music, audio CD or video, it supports all of them.

Step 1: Download Program4Pc DJ Music Mixer

Download Now
Step 2: Choose a Music File for Mixing

Choose music files for mixing

Mixing music via Program4pc dj music mixer Open the DJ Music Mixer and click Add Files in the middle left side of the interface. Choose one or multiple files to import, or simply drag your music files and drop them into the program.
Step 3: Load Music in Decks

Load music files to DJ decks

Loading music files to dj decks and strat mixing Mixing music requires songs to be mixed and for that purpose you need to load songs in DJ decks, simply double click on a song and it will be loaded in Deck A automatically, then double click on another song and it will be loaded in Deck B.

Besides that you may select a song and click the Load in Deck A button to load it in deck A, also you may do the same and click the Load in Deck B button instead to load the song in deck B.
Step 4: Create Loop in Music

Create a loop in music via DJ Music Mixer

create a loop in music with Program4Pc DJ software To create a loop in music, you need to define start and end point of loop and here Loop In and Loop Out buttons will be offered to set the entry and exit points of the Loop.
Simply click Loop In button to set the start point and click Loop Out to define the end point, and player will repeat this portion as a loop continuously. Clicking Play or Loop In button will jump the song-position to the beginning of Loop and starts from there.

Use +/- buttons to half or double the size (length) of the loop, ranging from 1/8 to 32 times more than selected area.
By using Forward and Backward buttons may move the loop to right or left and make sure you have selected the exact loop you need.
That's it!

Creating loop in music has never been easier, and you did it in just a couple of clicks to create lots of joy and fun.
It is very easy, now you know how to mix any song and be a professional DJ software in party.

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