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DJ Music Mixer

Ratings and Reviews

DJ Music Mixer 5 star ratings and reviews  19 Reviews    Write Your Review

CNET review of DJ Music Mixer
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Great features, although...,  Sep 20, 2017
By Arielle Perkins

I heard a lot of great things about this app that I had to try it. Yes, it's everything you've heard and read about it. Mixing music and become a dj mixer is so easy to accomplish. Thanks again Program4Pc!

Awesome Music Software!,  Sep 10, 2017
By Kivo Buggy

I have no experience at making music whatsoever! I have tried DJ Music Mixer on a trial, it is very easy to use, and of course handy, which makes learning this program a breeze. I would recommend this music software to anyone who is interested in creating their own music, and especially to those who are into mixing music, as it is very difficult to get your mixes done by some armature software. This software will set you apart from the rest, as the music you mix will be your own, you are the producer, and you love this DJ software!
GREAT ITEM,  Aug 25, 2017


I've been using Program4Pc DJ Music Mixer since version 4!,  Aug 21, 2017
By Tony Moritz

I've come a long way in music editing and mixing area. DJ Music Mixer was the first software I ever used. Since then I've used a ton of other music mixing software and they all have their goods and bads. When it comes to looping and cue points, I really trust this DJ software because it is the best in its class.

Great software from great company which offers great support,  Aug 18, 2017
By Shawn Cates

I actually had Program4Pc DJ Music Mixer for 1 year and I had a choice of going for newer version which has more options. I contacted the support team and asked how can I do that and should I purchase a new version? And just in couple of minutes they replied me with a download link for latest version of DJ Music Mixer absolutely free of charge. I would recommend this company and every software they develop.

DJ Music Mixer supports Windows 10,  Aug 7, 2017
By Whitney Mayo

I purchased music mixer software and hoping it works for me to mix my songs professionally and it does it perfectly. The great thing about this music mixing software is it supports Windows 64-bit (meaning you can utilize more RAM which I definitely make use of). I strongly recommend this software.

Unleash your inner musician!,  July 25, 2017
By Cort Rich

LOVE this program! I am able to hook in a music land, add music to tracks, add loops from other sources, record my own parts, mix it up any way I like, and save them as mp3s!

Great DJ Mixer Software,  July 13, 2017
By Debra Cooper

I bought this software a year ago and I absolutely love it. It does everything I expected and more. I especially like the fact that I can import a video into the program so that I'm able to see the video while the music is playing which allows me to time the music to what is happening in the video and even mix video's audio together.

Good stuff,  Jun 26, 2017
By Robert Swain

What can I say. I have used Program4Pc DJ Music Mixer before and this is the best. I like to record my own music and this works very well. Thank you.

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